Migration and Health

International Organisation for Migration

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 The Consultation supported continuation of the dialogue on migration health at the European level by discussing the AMAC project background papers and developing recommendations for translation into national and EU-level migration health policy and practice. The consultation gathered representatives from multiple sectors such as health, interior, social affairs and justice, from governments and organisations active in the field primarily from EU member states, EU accession and neighbouring states and EEA countries.

The agenda included several thematic sessions reflecting key topics in the field of migration health in Europe, as well as introducing specific themes covered by the project background papers e.g. European research on migration health, migration as a social determinant of health, the development of a European public health workforce, legal provisions on the right to health and bioethics, care for undocumented migrants (UDMs), maternal and child care, adolescent health and mental health (please see “Background Papers”).

The background papers, as well as deliverables from other migration health projects co-financed by the EC Health Programme, were presented at the Consultation. Furthermore, recent and forthcoming initiatives in the field were showcased, such as the recently published EC Communication on Health Inequalities, the ECDC 2009 Migrant Health Report, the WHA Resolutions on Migrants’ Health (2008) and on Reducing Health Inequities (2009), as well as the Council of Europe draft recommendations emerging from the Committee on Mobility, Migration and Access to Health Care.

The meeting agenda and the speakers' presentations are available at "Agenda".



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