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Worldwide mobility of health professionals is a growing phenomenon, impacting the health care systems of receiving, transit, and sending countries. EU Member States are increasingly affected by these developments – which might occur simultaneously within the same country. The need to develop European policies to adequately address these issues is, therefore, increasingly urgent. At the same time, reliable and differentiated knowledge and findings as a basis for such policy are lacking.
The general objective of the MoHProf Project is to research current trends of mobility of health professionals to, from and within the EU. Research will also be conducted in non-European sending and receiving countries: comparative studies in a selected range of representative states will determine the impact of different types of migration on national health systems. Its policy dimension comprises the development of recommendations on human resource policies in European and third countries.
Coordinated by the Scientific Institute of the German Medical Association (WIAD) and in cooperation with the Brussels and Pretoria offices of the International Organization for Migration, the project partners include: the Medical University of Varna; the Centre of Migration Research of Warsaw University;  the Institute of Health Policy and Development Studies of the University of the Philippines;  the Public Health Institute; the International Hospital Federation; the International Council of Nurses; the World Medical Association;  the European Medical Association; and the Global Health Workforce Alliance.
Launched in November 2008, the MoHProf Project has received funding from the European Union within the Seventh Framework Programme and comprises four phases over a three-year period. The deliverables of the project include guidelines for research; comprehensive, comparative reports on the macro, as well as on the micro level – based on respective country reports; and empirically based recommendations for human resources policies, including conceptual frameworks for monitoring systems. Further information on the Project can be found at www.mohprof.eu



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