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European states are paying increasing attention to migrants' health and health inequities faced by migrant and mobile groups in relation to the host population, as well as its implications for migrants' integration and public health.

Co-funded by the EC 2006 Public Health Programme and the Portuguese High Commissariat for Health, the AMAC project (Feb 2008 – Nov 2009) aimed to provide a platform for dialogue among experts and main stakeholders in the migration health field and to foster engagement from policymakers at all levels to tackle health inequalities related to migration and mobility.

IOM partnered in this initiative with leading European universities and specialized centres on migration health as well as with the Portuguese, Spanish and Maltese governments, while other EU governments also participate in the project.

The AMAC project reviewed key health concerns around migrant and mobile populations. About a dozen background papers on issues such as legislation and policy, training of health professionals, research, mental health and maternal and child care were prepared in the framework of three multi-stakeholder thematic workshops held in Barcelona (9-10 October 2008), Brussels (16-17 December 2008) and Gzira (Malta, 26-27 March 2009). The results of this multi-disciplinary work informed good practice recommendations and promoted evidence-based policies at the EU-level Consultation on Migration Health – “Better Health for All” in Lisbon on 24-25 September 2009. The identified recommendations and action points were published in the project final publications (see homepage).

The AMAC project was also a platform for exchange on various European-level migration health projects. A multi-variable matrix was developed to easily identify thematic and activity gaps and synergies which should inform future interventions in the field.


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